Waterslide Baptisms

I’d do it! Because joy isn’t sin. Joy is what faith is all about.

Satirical new website Babylon Bee made a joke article a few years back that Elevation Church had a waterslide instead of a baptismal service.

And everyone thought it was real and made memes saying, “The church can’t get any further away from the teachings of Jesus… oh wait!”

And it went viral enough this year for me to think, some people resonate with faith being very consumeristic and entertainment driven, I get all of that.

I was chatting to someone at church about this, and they asked (I think this is a good question),

We sing the Christmas song Angels We Have Heard on High, and the gloria has about 20 notes in it.  What’s the purpose of that?  Glo-o-o-o-o-o…. It’s all just for fun.  It’s just for entertainment — pointing toward a beautiful scripture.  Like a waterslide pointing toward the joy of baptism.  That’s all it is.

And my church probably can’t afford one, and probably wouldn’t use it often enough, but if you ever want to be baptised on a waterslide, and you can organise the logistics, I’m the pastor you should contact, I think it’s a great idea! 

Because: joy isn’t a sin, joy is an attribute of God, and it’s a fruit of the Holy Spirit, But sometimes, we have an attitude that says faith and spirituality can’t be fun, and I love pushing the boundaries.

That’s why I’d do it.

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