Karl Hand

I love to celebrate things that really matter. Whether it’s your wedding, your child’s name, the life of a loved one, or any moment which is important to you — attention must be paid!

I am professional, relaxed and flexible, but my favourite way to celebrate is with joy and good humour. You can find me the Inner West, but I’m happy to travel and meet you.

What I Offer

I charge $680 for a standard wedding. This will include meeting to begin the paperwork, interviewing you about the kind of ceremony you would like, designing the ceremony, handling all the legal paperwork, attending a rehearsal, and performing the ceremony.

A $100 downpayment is required at our first meeting, and the rest is payable 1 week prior to the ceremony. Any additional services, may be negotiated as needed.

I charge $500 for personal ceremonies, including baby namings, memorials and funerals, or any uniquely designed ceremony. This charge includes the initial meeting, ceremony design, and performing the ceremony.

Relationship Education: Prepare & Enrich

I am a certified Prepare & Enrich facilitator. This program has been the world’s leading relationship education tool for 35 years, and has a proven track record of helping couples to identify the strengths and growth areas in their relationship. It then gives you practical tools and exercises you can use to build a healthy relationship based on your unique profile!

It’s also a lot of fun to do!

For $320, I offer four 90 minute sessions with couples. After the first session, you will have access to an online inventory, which will assess you and your partner’s strengths and growth areas. This inventory enables me to design a set of exercises we will do together, to strengthen your relationship, take the stress out of communication, and build your intimacy and understanding of each other.



“Karl performed a renaming ceremony for me, and it was one of the most beautiful and meaningful moments of my life. When we met beforehand, Karl asked perceptive questions so that he could understand the background and significance of the ceremony to me, and what was important to me to include. The result was a ceremony that was exactly what I needed it to be, honouring my past while proclaiming who I really am now and going forward.” ~ River Gmur